Jennifer Pierce

I am a self-taught, self represented artist with a passion for creating unique works of art in many forms using a multitude of mediums.  It should be noted that I do work with many private galleries as well as private and corporate interior designers.  I was born In Portland Maine, and moved to the Washington D.C. area where I spent the "formative" years, attending George Washington University and working in the corporate world, prior to becoming an artist.

I am a creator and explorer by nature.  I love creating abstract art as I feel absolutely no limitations, rules or the necessity for perfection which enables me the utilize spontaneous energy and fresh uninhibited ideas which is intended to be transferred to the viewer in a personalized way.  It is passion at the most contagious level.

My art, often abstracted like a dream, is about nuances and exploring a deeper search for a source of hope and guiding light.  My collectors and critics tell me that while they want to understand all of the nuances, they often lose themselves in the art and embark on a personal journey, some say like finding images in clouds...meditational and thus the ability of appreciating the true beauty of abstract art.

My works are represented by endless layers of dramatic paint, mixed media and texture.  I, like many artists, explore the eternal dynamics of painting with a spontaneous abstract spirit and painting with an eye for design... always intending to leave enough mystery for the viewer's imagination.  My intent is leaving my paintings open to interpretation, every individual viewer will find their own translation.

I have never been interested in recreating the world or replicating its imagery, but rather in inventing new works which tell my unique and personal stories.  I love to explore the "invisible" we perceive realities, process and respond to information and create our own experience from such information.

Each artistic creation is a new experience generally based on what one does not see.