Artist Statement

Jennifer Pierce

My abstract expressionist and contemporary paintings are inspired by the natural world, its unity, contrasts and grandeur. Rather than recreate realistic images in my bodies of work, including landscapes as well as mixed media paintings, I express my energy and essence through abstraction, color, shapes, forms and texture with the goal of conveying my experiences and inspiration.

These experiences have enabled me to develop a diversified and deep passion for people, places and things that transcend basic observation and focus on perceived additional dynamics inherent in all of my subjects. “Hope and Light”, the theme of most of my landscapes, is the universal gift that all of us possess, even in our darkest hours. Additionally I have many series including “Life's Mysteries, “Grace”, “Water Views”, etc., that continue the same universal theme as “Hope and Light”.  

Although I am inspired by the nature, people, places and things around me, I often work from experience and memory. My art is intended to evoke sensation and thought and to stimulate the observer. I generally reject the concept of immediate identification with an image as I prefer the viewer to be stimulated to participate with me in a deeper emotional and intellectual exploration. My colors don't always emanate from traditional “Color Theory”, but rather from my sensitivity for and perspective about various subject matters. In many of my series, I often utilize the traditional theory of abstract expressionism in which the physical subject is abandoned for one which is evokes a more multifaceted perspective and emotional reaction. This allows me to express my feelings or ideas by means of form, line and color often without direct reference to the subject matter.

I use a combination of many mediums such as oil, encaustic, metal, wood, acrylic, pastel and paper as well as many “found objects”. Most of my canvases and/or wood panels are highly worked and often have a very distinct appearance. I employ a labor-intensive work process in which I layer, add, remove, distress, add and remove again, resulting in a very rich, textural surface.

I also produce numerous bodies of work which are purely abstract, including figurative and colorful wax encaustic paintings, collages and assemblages. As an artist I am inspired by almost everything I see, feel and experience.

I work on a large number of canvases concurrently, allowing me to transport strong elements of effective techniques from one piece to the next. Each canvas within a developing series shares details with the other and is intended to capture a subject matters' deepest essence. My paintings range in size from less than one-foot square to works as large as eight by ten feet, with special commissions even larger, all mixed media. I also have very limited print editions in various sizes (15 or less to each original) which can be framed or produced on special paper mounted on wooden panels which are subsequently coated and enhanced with wax encaustic medium.

I am an artist of passion, integrity and commitment and a fearless experimenter, a continuum of producing and learning. (Often “mistakes” are some of the most celebrated works). This approach always leads me to discover the endless possibilities with multiple mediums and ideas.

Much of my work is unique, created through thoughtful, and thought provoking techniques which lead the viewers to discover and explore their own understanding of various pieces of my works. My work often jolts viewers into mindful participation with me. Each unique work of art is intended to be collected and enjoyed by those who are looking for not only aesthetic beauty and a distinctive and decorative element to enrich their physical surrounding, but also a deeper intellectual and emotional appreciation of visual imagery.

I have a significant number of private and corporate collectors who I work with solely on a commission basis. I enjoy commission work greatly as I am able to learn much about my clients not only in terms of likes and dislikes of artwork, but more importantly what motivates, stimulates and captures the true essence of the human mind and soul. We develop meaningful relationships on various intellectual and aesthetic levels. This is one of the greatest gifts I receive in return for my production and I am very touched when a client tells me they are the proud owners of a one of kind, beautiful visual object for appreciation and display.

It is the interplay of emotive painting, structure, subject, color and medium that sets my prolific production capabilities on fire!

Influences and inspirations include, Hoffman, Kahn, Rothenberg, Richter, Mitchell, Rothko and Picasso as well as many other abstract expressionist artists including many of which I have had extensive training and interaction with over the years.... Bernd Haussmann, JoAnne Mattera, Norman LaLiberte, and several contemporary “Masters” from the Copley Society of Boston, MA (COHO). My series are dedicated to the memory of my late mother, Molly who inspired the very first adventure and the love of my life, Richard, who graciously supports all of those that continue to follow.